Apr 29, 2024

New feature

Usage discovery

Usage Discovery feature: Automatically track and validate app usage across teams for enhanced IT management.

Application usage discover in Kabeen
Application usage discover in Kabeen

We're always looking for innovative ways to enhance your ability to manage and understand your applications. We are excited to unveil our latest feature: Usage Discovery. This new functionality provides an automated insight into which teams are actively using the applications in your organisation.

Usage Auto-Discovery leverages a sophisticated agent deployed on user workstations. This agent tracks application usage and, when activity is detected over recent days from any team member, Kabeen updates the "Usage" tab of the respective application. This feature allows you to see real-time application utilization across your organization, streamlining the process of monitoring and managing application engagement.

To ensure data integrity and accuracy, Usage Discovery requires administrator confirmation to validate a team's usage of an application. This step is crucial because it:

  1. Integrates the application into the team's IT mapping, highlighting the application in user agent bookmarks.

  2. Updates the business matrix to display the team as users of the application.

  3. Recognizes that detected usage can be very temporary, calling for deliberate confirmation to avoid inaccuracies in reporting.

This feature strengthens your oversight by showing which teams frequently engage with specific applications. It helps in identifying key applications driving your business processes and any potential training needs or re-allocation of resources.

Usage Auto-Discovery is particularly beneficial for environments where team projects and roles are dynamic, making it challenging to keep track of ever-changing application usage patterns. It facilitates an adaptive approach to software asset management, ensuring that your IT landscape is always aligned with actual business activity.

Usage Auto-Discovery is now available on the Kabeen platform. To start leveraging this functionality, visit the "Usage" tab in your application inventory.

Smarter way to map your applications

Smarter way to map your applications