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This is Kabeen

Discover our vision, our culture and the Kabeen team

Why we are launching kabeen

IT at the heart of each company

Digital transformation is at the heart of strategic concerns for companies and we are convinced that right decisions can only be made when we have total control of the IT.

We are overloaded with technical indicators

Latency, availability, throughput ... The IT department reports a lot of technical indicators that are difficult to summarize and understand.

The IT architecture is complex

The solutions on the market require an high amount of effort to obtain a complete and transverse view of its IT

OUR mission

Designing your IT dashboard

We believe that the application is the right point of view of your company's IT. Business teams know their applications and IT knows where they are hosted and connected.

In addition to its technical view, the IT department must, in our opinion, take hold of usage and user experience indicators for each application it offers to its users


Our combined experiences in SaaS and IT

We come from different backgrounds in IT and SaaS ecosystem, but the same vision brought us together. In 2021, we are launching Kabeen with the ambition of building the future single pane of glass of the IT.

Matthieu Bonnard photography

Matthieu Bonnard


Matthieu is a Constellation partner, founder of a first startup and also the CPO of the Kabeen team

Grégory Cladera photography

Grégory Cladera


Following his success in a SaaS B2B and IT infrastructure management, Gregory brings his experience to Kabeen

Damien Charon photography

Damien Charon


Former Fabrick CTO, Damien lead the good implementation of technological solutions and innovations

Our approach

An approach like no other

If you share our values and our ambition, maybe it's fate? We had to meet.

UX First

The austere interfaces must stay away from your browser and with us, it's Quentin who takes care of that!


Kabeen is designed to limit carbon emissions and resource consumption

Customer centric

Yes, we have strong convictions about our product. But it's quite possible that the roadmap will be turned upside down by a discussion with you!

Kabeen bring a complete visibility on your IT

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