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Kabeen inventory and measures your IT from a business and technical perspective to help you make the best decisions

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IT Dashboard in Kabeen
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Put your IT on autopilot

We have designed Kabeen as the unique platform where IT inventory meet real-time measurement and decision support

IT Inventory

Inventory your IT

Kabeen offers to effortlessly inventory your IT infrastructure and entreprise applications to provide a complete and shared vision

IT Auto-discovery

Automatically discover enterprise infrastructure and applications

Shared documentation

Enterprise Architects and application owners can document IT from organization to infrastructure

Enterprise architecture on Kabeen
Application monitoring

Monitor Key IT indicators

Availability should not be your only concern. Monitor the usage, performance and costs of your applications and track the status of your IT ecosystem

The true status of your applications

Monitor the good operation of your applications through HTTP checks complemented by infrastructure analysis

Consolidate costs indicators

Get a TCO of all your IT assets by tracking the costs of the infrastructure, applications and associated projects

KPI DSI and application monitoring on Kabeen

The IT control panel

Take the right decisions for your IT and draw a trajectory in accordance with the users' needs and your ambitions

Analyze your IT from a business perspective

The indicators of your information system are available for each level of the business organization

Benchmark your IT to other company

We offer statistics from similar IT so that you can compare your indicators to your competitors

Dashboard DSI on Kabeen

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Kabeen bring a complete visibility on your IT

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