Discover user behaviors on your applications

In order to improve the applications within your IT, it is necessary to understand how they are used and by which teams.

Kabeen automatically and anonymously collects usage metrics for each enterprise application.
User activity monitoring
Understanding usage cycles allows for better maintenance planning
Duration of use
Each application can be used differently by different teams.
Screenshot of user activity measurement from Kabeen
Screenshot of browser extension settings from Kabeen

Take user feedback into account

Maintain a strong user experience in your company by regularly measuring your users' sentiment and analyzing their objective experience on each application
Through a discreet notification, Kabeen polls users to collect their satisfaction level at a configurable frequency.
The availability and performance of applications are measured directly from the users' workstations to automatically analyze their true vision of the IT.
Get unbiased results with fully anonymous collection for your users

Share IT key indicator with your users

Kabeen allows you to share status, user activity and upcoming IT operations to business teams.

Users benefit from a summary of important information that reduces support contacts and makes IT activity more transparent.
Users self access to the application card of the application they are browsing
Effectively notify users of ongoing and upcoming maintenance
Screenshot of user satisfaction measurement from Kabeen

Start measuring the usage of your IT

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