Jul 10, 2024

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Enhanced Contract

Manage contracts with Kabeen’s enhanced features: track user subscriptions, manage notice periods, and allocate costs accurately within your organization.

Contracts detail in Kabeen
Contracts detail in Kabeen

We announce significant enhancements to our contract management functionality in Kabeen, providing you with more detailed and comprehensive contract information for each application. These new features are designed to help you stay on top of contractual obligations and streamline your IT management processes.

Key Features

  • User Subscription Tracking
    Easily identify the number of users subscribed under each contract. This feature allows you to monitor user allocation and ensure compliance with license agreements.

  • Notice Period
    Define and track the notice period for each contract. This helps you to be better prepared for upcoming contractual deadlines and avoid any last-minute surprises.

  • Cost Allocation and Subscription Details
    Specify who has subscribed to the contract and allocate the costs to the appropriate entity within your organization. This ensures clear accountability and accurate financial tracking.

How to Use the Enhanced Contract Features

  1. Add Contract Details
    Navigate to the "Contracts" section within the application and select "Add a new contract." Fill in the general information, including the type of contract, subscriber, cost, and subscription date.

  2. Advanced Settings
    In the advanced settings, you can specify the number of users under the license, the notice period, and any additional comments or notes related to the contract.

  3. Team and Document Integration
    Assign the contract to the relevant team or entity within your organization and upload any supporting documents directly to the contract record.

These enhancements provide a holistic view of your contracts, making it easier to manage and track all aspects of your contractual obligations. By centralizing this information in Kabeen, you can ensure that all team members have access to up-to-date contract details, improving overall efficiency and compliance.

Smarter way to map your applications

Smarter way to map your applications