Jun 17, 2024

New feature

Application comparison

Discover Kabeen's new Application Comparison Report: Compare key metrics of two apps side-by-side and make informed decisions to optimize your IT portfolio

Application comparison in Kabeen
Application comparison in Kabeen

We are excited to present a brand-new feature in Kabeen: the Application Comparison Report. This powerful tool has been designed to help you make more informed decisions about the applications in your portfolio by comparing two applications side-by-side.

Why Use the Application Comparison Report?

As IT landscapes grow more complex, it's common to find redundant applications within an organization. These redundancies can lead to unnecessary costs and inefficiencies, making it crucial to identify and rationalize such overlaps. Kabeen's Application Comparison Report allows you to do just that by providing a detailed comparison of key indicators for any two applications in your portfolio. This feature supports better decision-making, whether you aim to consolidate your applications or invest more strategically in the most effective tools.

Key Features

In-Depth Comparison of Key Indicators

The Application Comparison Report highlights crucial indicators for both applications, allowing you to make comprehensive evaluations. The key indicators include:

  • Health Status: Understand the operational health of each application over the past 30 days.

  • Performance Metrics: Compare the performance metrics to gauge which application is performing better.

  • User Count: See how many users are actively using each application in the last 30 days.

  • User Satisfaction: A score reflecting user satisfaction based on user feedback and ratings.

  • Cost: Compare the annual costs of each application to assess their financial impact.

  • Complexity: Evaluate the complexity of each application to understand the required resources for management and support.

Visual and Intuitive Interface

The Application Comparison Report is designed with a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to understand and navigate. The side-by-side comparison allows you to quickly spot differences and similarities between the applications, facilitating faster and more informed decisions.

Practical Use Cases

Here are some practical scenarios where the Application Comparison Report can be highly beneficial:

  1. Rationalizing Your Application Portfolio: Identify redundant applications and decide which one to keep based on performance, user satisfaction, and cost.

  2. Strategic Investment Planning: Determine where to allocate resources and investments more effectively by understanding which application offers better value and performance.

  3. Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Ensure that you are using the most efficient tools for your teams by comparing key metrics and making data-driven decisions.

How to Access the Application Comparison Report

To access this feature, simply navigate to the "Reports" section in Kabeen and select "Application Comparison." Choose the two applications you want to compare, and Kabeen will generate the report automatically.

Get Started Today

The Application Comparison Report is now available on the Kabeen platform. If you are not yet a Kabeen user, sign up for a free trial to experience this new feature and many other powerful tools designed to optimize your IT management.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve greater efficiency and clarity in managing your IT landscape. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Kabeen's capabilities to meet your evolving needs.

Smarter way to map your applications

Smarter way to map your applications